How KETO CYCLE will help in your weight loss plans

Well, obesity is one of the main concerns these days, especially because of a sedentary lifestyle and bad food choices. And this also increases the risk of various other health issues, like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, hormonal imbalance, etc. So many of us are looking for options to lose weight to stay fit and healthy. To help you with this, the ketogenic diet has become very popular these days, because of its effective results, i.e. it helps you to lose weight, stay healthy, improve your heart health, promote your brain functioning, have better hormonal health, and many more.

The ketogenic diet is simply about taking high fat, moderate protein, and low-carb diet, which helps to keep your body in ketosis. So that your body burns fat to get the energy, as a result, you’ll lose weight faster in a healthy way. This diet is way more effective to promote weight loss and to even promote overall health, as compared to other weight-loss diet plans. The best part about this diet is that you don’t have to starve or fast the whole day to lose your weight, which you may have heard for so many years. This diet plan simply changes your way of eating pattern, and you’ll see the results by yourself in just a few weeks while enjoying your meals.


Sometimes, lack of knowledge, misguidance, or guesswork can make it difficult to follow a keto diet plan, and even get the desired results. So, you’ll need to have the correct and genuine guidance to follow the keto diet plan. And for that, the “keto cycle” (i.e.” “) proves to be a very good companion in all aspects, even if you hardly know anything about the ketogenic diet. It basically guides you in every possible way, i.e. how the ketogenic diet works and benefits your health, supports and guides you by personalized plans, provides meal planners, provides nutritionist support, and many more.
It’s simply an all-in-one online site, which is also well known for its reputation, customer satisfaction, guidance, and to effectively reach your goal. They do have professional coaches, nutritionists, and trainers, which support you to change your health and life in a very easy way, which otherwise becomes way too difficult if you try to follow it on your own. And moreover, it’s also recommended to follow the diet plan under the guidance of some professionals or by getting information from the authentic site, so here you get the help by visiting their site, i.e. ” “.

Undoubtedly, a ketogenic diet is somehow difficult to follow. But thankfully “Keto Cycle” makes it way too easy, by guiding you at every step. In general, it has a 4-step procedure, i.e.
– Quiz
– Personalized Plan
– Guidance
– Achieving Your Goal

As everyone’s lifestyle, health conditions, food choices, etc. are different from the others, so they first get to know everything about you by asking you various questions. Like: your gender, how much you know about keto, how much time you have for meal preparation, which types of meat you like or dislike, which ingredients you don’t like, how much time you have for the workout, and your health condition, and many more. Then they give you the personalized plan as per your requirement. After that, they give you various tips and guidance to follow and to stick to your plan, so that you can get effective results.

To make keto easier and more convenient to follow, “Keto Cycle” also has its own app, which literally has everything that you need to reach your goal by keto. This Keto Cycle app has various useful features, i.e. shopping list, tracker, thousands of easy-to-cook recipes, motivation to stick to your diet plan, and many more. This app is available for both users, i.e. iOS and android users, so which phone you are using is not even a matter of concern.

Now, the next question that might come to your mind: Is that app authentic? Or Is that site or app trustworthy? Well, let’s get to know the answer to clear your doubt. These apps have quite good ratings in both the app stores (iOS’s app store and Google Play Store), i.e. they have thousands of positive reviews and downloads. These ratings and reviews are more than enough to clear the doubt about its authenticity. Apart from this, they also have an Instagram and Facebook page, with thousands of followers. So you can easily trust them, as their presence speaks for itself.
As many people have used this app to change their life, so you too should give it a try to get your dream body. Always remember that nothing is more important than your health and how you feel about yourself. And, as this app has proved quite effective for thousands of people, so it will prove quite effective for you as well. Just give it a try and see the body transformation in the healthiest possible way.

Keto Cycle is a way more convenient process to follow the keto diet easily, and hence to reach your goal faster and in a healthier way. For more details, just check out the following points:

By relying on an authentic and all-in-one keto platform, you always save time and energy to get the authentic info, get the recipes (easy-to-cook), track the progress, etc. This is what Keto Cycle is well-known for.

Very Convenient:
It’s very convenient to get their personalized plans by just going to the app store and downloading their app, no matter which phone or device you are using. And enjoy their incredibly useful features to reach your goal. This easier access to their app and their plans helps you to reach your weight loss goal easily. So download this app and get your plan.

Experts Guidance:
Following the diet plan under the expert’s guidance is always recommended, including the ketogenic diet plan. So they have experts and professionals who guide you at every step and make your keto journey safe and healthy. What else do you want, right?

No Guess Work:
They help you keep the guesswork out of the equation. They provide you with a proper personalized plan as per your age, health condition, sex, lifestyle, likes/dislikes, and goal. This actually makes it quite effective.

Since they have changed the lives of thousands of people, which means it is quite effective. So you too should give it try to get your dream body by promoting your overall health. Always remember that your health is much more important than just a few dollars. So instead of relying on free apps, or on unauthentic information, it’s better you try them and get the personalized plan.

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Getting Great Arms for Summer

Summer’s almost here, and it’s time to go back out and show off the bodies we’ve been working on during the pandemic. And if some of us spent the last few years perfecting our baking skills instead, that’s okay! Great arms just take a little thought and effort. 

‌Three General Tips

  1. Consistency is key for physical gains. A daily workout (and a rest and recovery day) is much better than overdoing it all at once and risking injury.

  2. Many of the best arm exercises are also great for the whole body. Increasing muscle in general will burn fat faster, help the body’s functionality and performance, and — yes — result in better-looking arms.
  3. Variety is a great way to keep workouts fun, and there are many exercises that can be done at home, which will also give the arms a great all-round workout.

Tip: Think About Movement

The arm is made up of the upper arm, with biceps — or biceps brachii for those of us who want to get technical — at the front and triceps at the back, along with the forearm, wrist and hand. When exercising, we like to consider the whole posterior chain — the upper back, shoulders, and lats — as well as the arms. With that in mind, think in terms of movement for arm workouts. 

‌Concentric movements (squeezing the arm in) will work our biceps. Movements like pull-ups and chin-ups are arguably the best entire upper body resistance exercises, working both the biceps and the back at once. Eccentric movements (like the classic tricep curl on a home gym) will work the back of the arm. So will a tricep dip against a bench, using bodyweight for resistance. 

‌Pulling-back movements, like rowing, will mostly work the biceps and the back (see below in the free weights section for one possible exercise). Exercises like push-ups, which can be enhanced to target the upper arms using push-up bars, will work the whole arm, but target the triceps as well as the pec and chest area. 

‌Tip: Don’t Neglect Triceps

‌Strengthening triceps adds flexibility, increases range of motion, and makes us generally less likely to get injured. And bigger triceps, of course, also make arms look bigger. We like making pushups more challenging by balancing our feet on a stability ball while doing them.

‌‌Tip: Work Up To Pull-Ups with TRX

‌One great way to move toward doing full chin-ups and pull-ups is with resistance workouts like TRX bands. TRX stands for “Total Body Resistance Exercise.” TRX allows us to adjust the degree of difficulty of each exercise by leaning back or changing the position of the feet. Additionally, TRX exercises make it easier to be aware of stance and posture, since these affect the difficulty of each exercise. Arm exercises we like to do with the TRX include:

  • Tricep curls: Fix the TRX to a higher spot on the door frame (for example). Put feet at shoulder width, keep the back straight, and upper arms aligned against the trunk. Pull down slowly and carefully, and then use equal care to release back to the starting position.

  • Bicep curls: Fix the TRX to a lower spot and do the classic pulling-upward, bicep squeezing motion. Make sure to let the TRX band down with control, too. 
  • Standing rows: Stand perpendicular to the TRX and carefully pull the cables back, feeling the burn in the back, biceps, and deltoids (shoulder muscles). 
  • Woodchopper: This mostly targets the core and shoulders, but includes the arms too. Hook the TRX up at about core height, and stand a couple of feet away. Pull the cables out and up as if swinging an ax, keeping the core tight, bending the knees as necessary. Bring it back with control.

For all of the above, we like starting with sets of 8, then 10, then 12 reps with a short pause between them, before working up to more.

Tip: Use Free Weights To Get Great Arms

‌With a good set of weights the possibilities are virtually endless. Depending on the desired results, the two ways to go are:

  • More reps with lighter weights
  • Fewer reps with heavier weights

The first option will work the slow-twitch muscle fibers of the arms, giving a more toned, rangy look. The second will result in much larger muscles. 

‌Wide-armed rows are a great way to simultaneously work the arms (mostly biceps), upper back, and shoulders. Stand up, bend the knees slightly, and lean forward. With a weight in each hand, row back and up, pausing and clenching between the shoulder blades at the top of the row. Slowly return to the starting position (count to two each way, up and down). 

Free weights are also especially good for variations on bicep curls, including:

  • Hammer curls: These do a better job of working the entire bicep than regular curls. They also work the forearm. Instead of holding the weight vertically, hold it horizontally. Staying seated will allow for greater control.
  • Incline hammer curls: Sit back on a bench at an incline of 45 degrees, rather than upright. This really isolates the bicep and makes it pop!
  • Combo move: Lift the weights horizontally (as ever, be seated, keeping the core tight). At the top of the lift, twist the weights 90 degrees, pause, and then twist back to a horizontal position while lowering.

For a handy way to work triceps with free weights, hold a lighter weight (at least to start) behind the head, bending the elbow. Gently raise and lower it. Try three sets of 10, alternating arms, and wait for the compliments to roll in.

‌Tip: Get Creative With Free Weights

‌A set of adjustable weights is great for mixing up light and heavy weights. For variety’s sake, try these exercises:

  • The Farmer’s Walk: With a heavy weight in each hand — pick them up by squatting down and use the legs and glutes to power up in order to protect the back — walk the length of a hallway, turn around, and walk back. We suggest starting with four to six of these, then taking it from there.
  • The Goblet Squat: Holding a heavy dumbbell with both hands held in a cup shape right at mid-chest level while squatting is a great way to sculpt the arms while also working the core and legs.

Tip: Don’t Forget Mobility‌

It’s a good idea to have a yoga mat handy, because, in addition to keeping joints flexible, yoga is a great way to strengthen the arms as well as the whole body. Poses like plank, chaturanga pushups, and crow are particularly beneficial, and yoga also helps us stretch and strengthen our often-overlooked wrists, preventing injury. 

‌We like to add light weights to poses like Warrior Two — with optional added small pulses up and down — to help a further strengthen the whole arm and joints. Even the lightest weights will soon start to feel very heavy doing this!

‌Tip: Try Alternatives to Free Weights

‌For those who aren’t comfortable with dumbbells yet, barbells, swiss bars, or a compound functional trainer can help both isolate muscles and give more stability.

‌Tip: Go Old School

‌Using kettlebells is a great way to add variety and difficulty to the curls and other exercises listed above. The extra difficulty comes from the way kettlebells (a 19th century Russian workout tool enjoying a resurgence) have their mass distributed. They require the body to constantly recalibrate, working it more completely while we find balance. We suggest starting with individual movements before working up to compound exercises like the Turkish get-up.

Medicine balls are another classic tool enjoying a comeback. We love the simple exercise of standing facing a wall, raising our hands above our head, and bouncing a medicine ball against the wall, catching and throwing. It won’t take long to feel the burn!

‌The resistance band is another simple tool we love. We use them for exercises like the pull-apart: hold out the arms in front, grasping the band. Pull them apart, clenching the back before releasing back to center. Try doing ten before resting.

‌Tip: Take Care of Cardio and Arms at Once

‌We like to make our cardio do double duty by using rowing and elliptical

machines. These smoothly work the arms and shoulders, while also giving us the doctor-approved benefits of cardio like better heart health, better joints, less stress, and better sleep.


‌Armed and Ready

‌Stronger, more flexible arms mean we’ll be able to enjoy summer more, enhancing our fun times in the water, boxing, rock climbing, and even, believe it or not, walking (in a healthy walking gait, we use our arms to propel us along). 

‌But strong arms don’t just allow us to be more powerful all-round athletes. They also help us carry out everyday tasks like shopping, keeping up with our kids, and embracing our loved ones. Don’t forget proper rest and nutrition, but rest assured there’s plenty of time to get in shape for the summer — all it takes is a home gym and some healthy sweat!

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