124: my fitness and wellness predictions for 2023


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Every year, it’s fun to look into my fitness crystal ball and see what I think the biggest trends in the industry will be. I’m now a liiiittle apprehensive about these types of posts, especially since I originally thought 2020 would be less dependent on gadgets and technology… and we all know how that went.

Over the past year, we saw a shift back to in-person classes and training after being mostly or completely virtual for a couple of years. Classes are bigger than ever, people are working out in the gym, and it’s been a testament for the value of in-person training and connection. Technology can be a convenient tool, but can’t fully replace the value of in-person training.

When I train clients in person, I’m able to see the full picture of their movements. When I watch you doing a squat, I’m not just counting reps. I’m looking at your shoulders, torso, core engagement, knees, ankle flexion, any foot rotation, and glute engagement. I can see SOME of these things on a screen, but not all of them. I absolutely think that in-person training and fitness will continue to see a higher year!


Here are some more of my predictions for 2023:

Nutrition and training for health over aesthetics

– Maybe it’s also due to the accounts I follow and the voices I surround myself with online, but I see a continued emphasis on training for function and health instead of purely looking a certain way. Of course there are still those trash reels and TikToks (do this video and you’ll be so sore you want to die! Or do this video if you want a nice butt in 10 minutes!), but for the most part, I see training for longevity and overall wellness. I think there will be a continued emphasis on mobility training, rest, recovery strategies, walking, progressive strength training and strategic cardio.

Pilates and Megaformer are going to have a huge year

I KNOW I’m not supposed to loop them into the same category, but in my mind, they are similar (even though I know they’re very different). I feel like yoga has gotten a lot of love over the past few years and while Pilates will always be popular, it’s definitely having a moment right now.

Peloton will continue to plateau and potentially decline as people return to more in-person cycling classes

This isn’t any diss on Peloton – I love the workouts and the convenience – but I think they people are starting to realize that they missed the energy and motivation of in-person fitness. Personally, I always work harder when I’m not working out at home.

Focus on recovery and less intense group fitness classes – mobility, stretching, meditation

I think that group cocktail dates with friends are going to be replaced with outdoor yoga and mocktails.

Biohacking trends will continue: functional medicine detoxes, cryotherapy, red light therapy, blue light blocking glasses at night, cold plunges, sauna, castor oil packs

Worth noting here that you should always check with your doctor before making any changes to your routine. Also, you don’t need to do something just because it’s trendy. Sometimes these are also stressors that could be counterproductive if you already have a high stress level.

Continued popularity of wellness gadgets, like the Oura ring, Nutrisense, InsideTracker, Etc.

Wellness junkie friends are turning to data to take their personal biomarkers and performance to the next level, and having an app or gadget can be used to make simple and personalized tweaks in your routine.

So there ya have it! I would love to hear your fitness and wellness predictions for 2023!

Resources from this episode:

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