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Hellooooo. Happy Friday! How are you? I hope you’ve had a wonderful week so far! The kids headed back to school this week and as much I want to say YAY I finally got work done and we’re back in a routine, nope. I missed them like crazy and I hate waking up early, so there ya go.

We did go out with a bang and had a wild card girls’ day on our last day of winter break. I took pieces of paper and wrote options on them for the day and the girls picked randomly from each set. (I saw the idea go around TikTok a while back and thought they’d like it!)

They ended up picking eegee’s for lunch, Round 1 (a huge arcade), Starbucks, Mildred & Dildred (the best local toy store) and a board game (we played Zingo and Old Maid). P told me I was a fun mom. *cry emoji*

This weekend is Liv’s birthday (11! HOW?!), Annie with the family, and getting ready for a lil trip we’re taking next week. I’d love to hear what you have going on this weekend!

It’s time for the weekly Friday Faves party! This is where I share some of my favorite finds from the week and around the web. I always love to hear about your faves, too, so please shout out something you’re loving in the comments section below.

Read, watch, listen:

What’s the most helpful thing a therapist ever told you?


We’ve all been waiting anxiously for Matilda’s release on Netflix and while I expected it to be good, I did not expect it to be that good. The music is epic (“Revolting Children” is on repeat and P has memorized 90% of the dance moves), and the storyline is amazing. Expect a tiny bit of crass language and bullying, but it had an overwhelming message of bravery, positivity, and the power of love/kindness.


Liv had been wanting to watch Wednesday since her friends have seen it, so after doing a bit of research (and determined no major adult themes, just scariness), I figured we could watch it together. We both loved it! It was intense, spooky (but not too gruesome. Definitely too scary for P), and I loved the casting.

Check out this week’s podcast episode here with some things you can do in the new year that have nothing to do with fitness.


New Hatch light! I was walking with the Pilot and told him it’s stressful to wake up to the iPhone alarm. The music enrages me and I feel cortisol surge through my body as I stumble through the dark to turn off the alarm. He surprised me with this light as one of my Christmas gifts and I love it so much. It gradually simulates a sunrise and the light gets brighter, until the lovely sound of meditative flutes indicate that it’s time to wake up.

It’s been such a great way to wake up in the morning, and I’ve also signed up for their membership which has access to different sounds, meditations, and sleep stories.

It looks pretty, too!

A new essential oil love. I’m so excited to share that I’ll be partnering with NOW Foods for 2023! I have been a fan and supporter of this company for years, so I’m super pumped about this partnership. They have many high-quality supplements, beauty/health products, and natural food options, and our pantries and cabinets are filled with NOW Foods products.

They recently sent me a little goodie pack and included this essential oil, which smells like a lovely bouquet of flowers inside a spa. 😉 It’s bright and floral, and I diffuse this all day in our bedroom.

The link is here and you can use FITNESSISTA for 20% off sitewide at NOW Foods. 🙂

Fitness, health, good eats:

Comfort meals to bring to a friend in need.

Why bursts of effort during the day may be beneficial.

How to set up your Peloton bike (or any spin bike!).

We’re doing another round of the EquiLife detox as a community starting on January 22! Get your kit here if you’d like to join (use FITNESSISTA20 for 20% off) and all of the details are in this post.

Fashion + beauty:

This half zip. I’ve been wearing it a lot with leggings and low-top sneakers. It’s an oversized fit, but still runs large. I sized down and it still has the perfect amount of slouchiness.

Betsy got me this liquid blush and the color is perfection. It lasts all day and is super easy to apply.

Happy Friday, friends!



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